Vimax Extender System



The  Vimax Extender System is a complete all in one package that offers you the definitive penis enlargement solution currently available on the market. If you are fed up with the size of your penis and are lost as to what product to choose, vimax is offering all the best penis enlargement products in one system.

However, there are more uses to the Penis Extender penis stretching device and that is to treat penile curvature. Customers have shown marked improvements in fixing their bent penises with the Penis Extender. However, to fix a curved penis it is recommended that you use this device for a little longer than usual, ideally for six months.The penis trction device is very easy to wear on a daily basis. The Penis Extender has been designed for both ease of use and also with comfort paramount in mind. A ring is placed around the penis base and a plastic holder is then fastened around the head of the penis.

How to use Penis Extender
Specially designed ring of plastic material is placed around the base of the penis. A plastic and silicone holder is fastened around the penis head. Between the ring and the holder, two dynamic metal bars are attached applying a variable tension between 600 and 1500 grams.
The tension is adjusted by yourself. Penis Extender fits everybody, and every penis size.

How long to wear Penis Extender
* Penis lengthening capability depends on total time of usage, and may differ between patients. To obtain maximum results, the Penis Extender must be used for at least 4-6 hours daily and over a minimum period of three months. It’s very simple, the longer you use it, the more you can gain. 96% of our customers report an increase of up to 3 Inches after 4 Months of continues use of the Extender. Please use our size calculator to find out approximate size increase you may expect.

* To treat Penile curvature a longer period is required, usually up to about 6 months, also wearing the device for 8 to 10 hours daily.

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Best Lean Muscle Supplements Trial – Free Power Precision Pills


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Best muscle building supplement is now available! This new amazing supplement increases your strength, boost your energy and build muscle fast.

This is an amazing supplement which helps in building strong iron muscles in no time. This supplement provides a huge stamina and energy to your body that lasts throughout the day. I am going to tell a lot about this supplement but first it is important to understand how this supplement works.
Building a humongous and toned body was always my dream but this dream did not turn into reality till I found about Power Precision Trial Lean Muscle Formula, one of my friend suggested this supplement to me and the way this supplement has changed my body is extraordinary. Going to gym everyday and having a protein full diet was my way to get a toned body like one of those wrestlers and actors from TV, but it did not worked well for me, even after 2-3 years, I did not get any significant result in getting curves and abs, then I tried this muscle building formula.
Every guy dreams of having that brawny look which their favorite Hollywood celebrities? posses, but the rigorous and strenuous workout regimen drops down their passion. But Power Precision Trial, the advance body sculpting supplement with a patent blend of ingredients, offers you the gains you have always desired while shredding fats like never before.

This body building supplement constitutes advanced L-Arginine merged with herbal supplements and amino acid boosts the Nitric Oxide level in the blood stream. This regulates the oxygen molecules in your tissues, amplifying your vascular organization giving you potency and fantastic shredded abdomen. Nitric Oxide even helps to drive your sexual functionality in a smooth and healthy way. Due to its vascular dilating abilities and protein synthesis, Arginine is regarded as a vital component to execute various physiological functions like hormone secretion and desertion of noxious wastes. Beside this incredible element, Green Tea, Chromium polynicotinate and Yohimbine HCL support your body by enhancing your stamina, dilating your blood vessels, improving metabolism and stimulating the sexual function to an unpreceded high. These all potent yet efficient particles help you shred down the excessive pumps to sculpt your body into that of a brawny macho man.

Along with above mentioned features, this contemporary innovative formula is laced with some other benefits which are lined below:

  • It strips off the bulky mass
  • Helps gain vigor and energy
  • Increases wicked pumps
  • Unleashes raging vitality
  • Accelerates metabolism to burn fat
  • Improves muscle recovery
  • Increases endurance
  • Enhances sexual function and

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Build Muscle Fast!
Power Precision is engineered to boost your testosterone naturally. Use as a daily supplement to accelerate muscle growth for that hard, lean, sexy body.

Lose Fat Quickly

Power Precision is proven to raise natural metabolic rate which accelerates your body?s fat burning capability. Watch your belly fat and love handles disappear for that naturally ripped body.

Increase Energy Levels
For those looking to boost workouts, Power Precision will increase energy levels naturally so that you can run longer, lift heavier and maximize workouts. Maximize your performance.

Increase Sexual Performance
Power Precision is clinically proven to increase libido, sex drive and sexual performance in men of all ages. Our proprietary blend will make you harder and stay hard longer. Unleash your animal magnetism!

Just hold your mouse and hit the certified links of Power Precision Trial website, place your order now and mould your muscle mass into a lean, beefy, brawny alpha structure. Change the way the world sees you with this fantastic muscle boosting supplement!

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Power Pump XL premium product to develop lean muscle mass


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Pump your muscle mass today and provide your bodybuilding routine an added boost! 


Muscle development has changed over the years. From new solutions to scientific ways, everyone is constantly trying new methods to improve their muscles and looking to obtain the dream body they see in the media. buff and mass up, a lot of those methods often fall short of expectations and leave you to wonder if anything will ever work. Well, you can forget do you want to wonder but obtain the results you have always wanted with Power Pump XL.After many months of scientific research, Their comes

this phenomenal muscle development formula in Power Pump XL. Infused with natural and proven muscle development components, Power Pump XL is assisting many people all across the globe exceed the expectations set by types of increasing their muscle size. Backed by numerous studies and positive feedback by reviewing the users,

Power Pump XL is beginning to get well called the .Infused with 2 major powerful

body building ingredients Nitric Oxide Supplement and L-Arginine, This excellent formula will heighten the blood supply for your muscles and start protein and oxygen synthesis in the body. The rise in vital oxygen and nutrients reaching the muscles is probably the major factors with your muscles getting very ripped and lean.Click Here to Get your Power Pump XL risk-free trial today

Advantages of using Power Pump XL include: 

Surge inendurance and energy, and stamina levelsTime to recover was

decrease by 50 %Saw

a growth is muscle sizeNoticed a

decline in accumulated fatSaw results within weeks!


far better after every workout 

Advantages of choosing Power Pump XLIs Power Pump XL that good?

Power Pump XL is rapidly claiming

an identity by itself in the supplement market. All the competition doesn’t can compare to Power Pump XLeffective and potent, and results driven formula. Once you have the best, the rest fall way short of your expectations, you will never need another supplement again after Power Pump XL because. This is probably the strongest products which you are going to ever take in your own life and then there is science to back this up!Where

is it possible to get Power Pump XL? 

At the moment, this phenomenal lean muscle mass building supplement can be obtained with the official website. To assert your very limited time free trial version offer of Power Pump XL, all you need to do is visit this site. claim and muscles your supply of Power Pump XL! Pump your muscle mass today and provide your bodybuilding routine an additional boost!If you’re looking

to learn more about power pump xl and bodybuilding you will discover it just visit the offical site here…….



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Eat To Build Lean Muscle
Your one-week, lean-muscle building meal plan, plus the 15 best lean-muscle building foods.

The 15 Best Lean-Muscle Building Foods

1. Beef (From Grass-Fed Cattle)
Beef is important for building lean muscle due to its protein content, cholesterol, zinc, B vitamins and iron content.
Beef from grass-fed cattle have much higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than conventionally raised cattle, which gives you a boost in shedding bodyfat and building lean muscle.

2. Beets
A good source of betaine, also known as trimethylglycine, this nutrient not only enhances liver and joint repair, but also has been shown in clinical research to increase muscle strength and power.
Beets also provide an NO boost which can ehance energy and aid recovery.

3. Brown Rice
A slow-digesting whole grain that provides you longer-lasting energy throughout the day, and during workouts. Brown rice also can help boost your growth hormone (GH) levels, which are critical for encouraging lean muscle growth, fat loss and strength gains.
A slow-digesting whole grain that provides you longer-lasting energy throughout the day, and during workouts
A slow-digesting whole grain that provides you longer-lasting energy throughout the day, and during workouts.

4. Oranges
Another good fruit that can actually help to boost muscle growth, strength and endurance, especially when eaten before workouts.

5. Cantaloupe
Due to it’s relatively low fructose content, this melon is one of the few fruits that is actually a fast-digesting carb. That makes it a good carb to have first thing in the morning after a long night of fasting and one of the few good fruits to eat after workouts.

6. Cottage Cheese (Organic)
Rich in casein protein, cottage cheese is a great go-to protein source, especially before bed.
Casein protein is the slowest-digesting protein you can eat, meaning it prevents your muscles from being used as an energy source while you fast during the night.

7. Eggs
Eggs are known as the perfect protein, but their ability to boost lean muscle and strength gains isn’t due to just the protein alone. It gets a lot of help from the yolks, where the cholesterol is found.
If you’re worried about your cholesterol shooting up from eating the yolks, cholesterol from eggs has been shown to decrease the amount of LDL (bad) cholesterol particles associated with atherosclerosis.

8. Milk (Organic)
Contains both whey and casein and is rich in the amino acid glutamine. Organic milk has about 70% more omega-3 fatty acids than conventional milk.

9. Quinoa
A complete protein in addition to being a slow-digesting carb, quinoa has been linked with an increase in insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) levels, an important factor associated with lean muscle and strength gains.

10. Wonka Pixy Stix
These contain dextrose, meaning this carb doesn’t even need to be digested – it literally goes straight into your bloodstream, getting those carbs straight to your muscles for the fastest recovery possible after workouts.

11. Spinach
A good source of glutamine, the amino acid that is important for lean muscle growth.
In addition to glutamine, spinach can increase muscle strength and endurance.

12. Apples
The specific polyphenols in apples help to increase muscle strength and prevent muscle fatigue, allowing you to train harder for longer.
Other research also shows that these polyphenols can increase fat burning as well. That’s why it’s a good idea to make apples a pre-workout carb source.
Apples help to increase muscle strength and prevent muscle fatigue, allowing you to train harder for longer

13. Greek Yogurt
Like plain yogurt, Greek yogurt starts from the same source: milk. Greek yogurt, however, has more protein (a whopping 20 g per cup) and fewer carbs (9 g per cup) than regular yogurt (16 g protein, 16 g carbs per cup).
It’s also a good source of casein protein.

14. Ezekial 4:9 Bread
Ezekiel bread is made from organic sprouted whole grains. Because it contains grains and legumes, the bread is a complete protein, which means it contains all nine of the amino acids your body can’t produce on its own – the ones needed for lean muscle growth.

15. Wheat Germ
Rich in zinc, iron, selenium, potassium and B vitamins, high in fiber and protein, with a good amount of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), arginine and glutamine.
This makes wheat germ a great source of slow-digesting carbohydrates and a quality protein that’s a perfect food before workouts.
The Lean Muscle One-Week Meal Plan
The following plan is designed for a woman weighing 140 pounds. When trying to gain lean muscle during a rigorous exercise program, a good rule of thumb is to shoot for an intake of about 13-15 calories per pound of bodyweight.


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